This year, the United Greek Council has selected a centralized theme for all our goals: REDEFINING UNITY, FOSTERING EMPOWERMENT.  All of our actions will be centered around this concept of creating unity within ourselves, our organizations, and our community while empowering members, organizations and the Multicultural Greek Community.

  1. Increase collaboration across all organizations

    • Have orgs partner up for programming events, fundraisers, philanthropy, etc.
    • Encourage fraternities to collaborate more with other fraternities and sororities with other sororities.
    • Encourage more collaborations with IFC and Panhellenic orgs.
  2. Increase social media activity and followers.

    • Implement newsletter bi-weekly or monthly with community events and achievements.
    • Implement weekly community member highlight.  
    • Implement monthly Chapter highlight
  3. Joint service day with IFC/Panhellenic

    • Collaborate with IFC and Panhellenic for an all greek community service day event.
  4. Increase programming for relevant social issues decided by the community.

    • Survey the community on what social issues they want UGC to host programming events for.
  5. Strengthen the community commitment to UGC fundraisers.

    • Plan fun and creative fundraisers.
    • Have worthwhile prizes.
  6. Implement an effective communication plan.

    • Host town halls.
    • Provide office hours and contact info.
  7. Social policy refinement and increase member health and safety.

    • Enact social policy changes.
    • Work towards WSU Drug and Alcohol policy compliance.
  8. Build academic bank to increase community member GPA.

    • Find way to have electronic for all members.
    • Evaluate study table and tutoring programs.
  9. Expand recruitment knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    • Have recruitment workshops available on a more consistent basis.
    • Connect chapters with high schools to increase knowledge about member organizations.
  10. Maximize new member engagement.

    • Revamp new member retreat to include additional community building activities.
    • Create sands community building events.
  11. Facilitate increased leadership opportunities for all members.

    • Evaluate potential partnerships and expand reach of Multicultural Greek Leadership Summit.  
    • Extend opportunities for community members to attend AFLV.
    • Create a Junior Council for emerging leaders.